Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Family Draw?

Family Draw is a software that allows you to fill in family tree templates online.
With Family Draw you can give an attractive aspect to this valuable family information that has cost you so much to achieve.

2. Why do I have to register?

Registering is fast and easy, you just have to enter a username, your email account and a password.

We will not ask you for more personal information until the moment we send the poster with the family tree to your home, if you decide to buy it.

After registering, the login allows you to access your panel 'My trees', where you can create as many family trees as you want, modify them, delete them and even use trees already created as a basis to generate new ones, and all with complete privacy. Only you will have access to the information you enter.

You will also have the option to leave an unfinished project to complete it at any other time, or keep a family tree that you have already ordered in case you want to obtain more copies or rectify some text in the future.

3. Do I have to pay?

To sign up in Family Draw is completely free. You can create and edit as many family trees online as you want.
We will only ask you for a payment if you decide to buy the high resolution image of the family tree or order a printed sheet with your family tree to receive it at home.

4. How much it costs?

Both in the Prices section and in the information of each template you can see the prices for the model you want.

The price of printed sheets depends on the size you choose.

5. What types of family tree can I fill out?

Currently you can choose the model that you like from our collection of family trees of direct ancestors. So you can represent the main person, their parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great-great grandparents, etc ... depending on the template you select.

Soon we will put at your disposal more family tree templates.

6. What information can I enter?

Family Draw allows you to choose the size of the texts individually for each box, therefore you can enter the information you want for each person.
If the text entered is larger than the size of the box, you will be warned to reduce the size of the letter or summarize the information.

7. Will the information on my trees be shared?

No. Only you can see your trees accessing your account with your email and password.
Family Draw does not share information with other websites or disclose the information contained in family trees.

8. Can I get the digital image of my family tree?

Yes. You can buy the image of your family tree in a high resolution file to keep it or print the copies you want on your own. After making the payment you will receive the image file by email at the email address you registered with. Also the digital image is included for free if you buy the printed sheet in any size.

9. How large are the printed family trees?

There are different sizes depending on the format of the designs (ratio between length and height).

You can see the available measures for each model, both when you select a template and on the samples of family tree templates.

You do not have to decide the size until you have the family tree completed and buy the poster.

10. Can I order several copies?

You can select the number of printed sheets you want. Also, they can have different sizes.
We recommend that you keep the project in your panel 'My trees', in this way you can order copies whenever you want, even modifying any text if necessary.

If you prefer to save the shipping costs, you can buy the digital image and order the copies you want in any local photography shop.

11. When will I receive my family tree?

The printing process begins immediately after you make the payment.
Normally the next working day is sent by certified courier.

The transit time depends on the country of destination. You will see the approximate delivery time corresponding to the delivery address that you have entered in the order summary before making the payment. This time refers to working days and also includes the printing time.

We will send you by email the shipping number so you can track it online.

12. How will I receive it?

The family trees are sent rolled up in a tube of rigid cardboard. The shipment is made by courier with certified delivery. We notify the customer the shipping number to track online.

13. How much is the shipping?

The shipping costs depend on the country of destination. You will see the amount corresponding to the delivery address that you enter with your personal information in the order summary, before making the payment. Also you can see it on the Prices section.

14. How can I pay?

Payment must be made by credit card or by Paypal.
Both systems are totally safe. We do not have access to any information regarding your credit card. The requested data are sent directly to the banking platform through an encryption technology that allows it to be transmitted securely, communicating only the correct reception of payment.

15. Can I cancel an order?

No. When the payment is made, an automatized process is started by which the digital image of the family tree will be sent to you by email and start the production process, if you have purchased the printed sheet.

16. What guarantees do I have?

For us, the most important thing is the total satisfaction of our customers, for that reason we guarantee the repetition of the work without any charge if you receive the material in poor condition. You just have to let us know by sending us by email a photo that shows the defect.

In order to strengthen the trust that customers place in us, our company Servicios Genealógicos Abueling S.L. is included in the Register of Distance Sales Companies of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain and makes part of the National Consumer Arbitration System with the official badge number 487.

17. What happens if no template adapts to what I need?

Please contact us and explain your case so we can offer you a solution.

18. Why do watermarks appear in the preview of the family tree?

Watermarks are a copy protection. It will not appear in the final image after payment.

19. Yes, but ... I have other questions.

If you want to make any other query you can write us an email or contact us by chat.
We will be happy to assist you in a personalized way.

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