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Como crear un árbol genealógico
Iniciar sesión en FamilyDraw
1. Log in

Log in with the email address and password that you entered in the sign up process.

We will not ask for more personal information until the moment you buy the sheet with the family tree, if you decide this.

Login allows you to access your panel 'My trees' where you can create as many family trees as you want, modify them, delete them and even use trees already filled as a basis to generate new ones, and all with complete privacy since only you will have access to the information you enter.

You will also have the option to leave an unfinished project to complete it at any other time, or to keep a family tree that you have already ordered to get more copies or rectify some text in the future.

Seleccionar el diseño
2. Select design

Choose among the styles of design the chart you prefer for your family tree, regardless of the number of people or generations that appear in the example image.

Then, choose the template that best suits the family information you have, depending on the number of generations you want to complete.

You can check the price of the digital image and the posters for the available sizes of each design, but you do not have to decide the size at this time .

Rellenar los datos
3. Fill in the data

In the editing screen you will see a preview of the family tree and a window where you can type the information, both the title and the personal data for each person.

There is also the option of importing a Gedcom file or data from another project already created.

You can choose the size of the texts and the format normal, bold and italics for each of the boxes of the tree.

In ancestors family trees, the primary person is located in the lower part and the ancestors complete the tree in the ascending direction, for generations, always on the left to right.

Each box of the tree corresponds to a person. You will see the active box in the preview marked in another color, and you can move from one box to another by using the arrows in the data entry window or by clicking directly on the desired box in the tree image. Enter as many lines of text as you wish in each box. The system will warn you if the text entered is too large for the box, in which case we recommend that you reduce the size of the text or summarize the information.

The size of the text may be different for each box .

Changes are stored as they are typed, so you should not worry if you have to leave the project halfway. When you want you can continue filling in the data.

Once you have completed the tree, you can buy a high resolution digital image or order the printed sheet using the purchase button.

Rellenar los datos
4. Get your family tree

Once you have finished completing your family tree you can decide between buying the printed sheet or receiving the high resolution image by email. This second option allows you to print the project at home or in any digital printing shop and save the shipping costs.

If you prefer to receive the poster comfortably in your home, select the size you want from among those available for your design. You can choose the number of copies you want of each size. The price of posters includes also the high resolution JPG file.

Watermarks wont appear on the final image after payment.

The order summary shows the shipping cost and delivery time associated with your country, as well as the total price to pay.

You can pay by credit card with total security, either with Paypal or through the payment gateway of our bank.

We do not have access to any information related to your credit card. The requested data is sent directly to the banking platform through an advanced encryption technology that allows it to be transmitted securely protecting your name, address and credit card number.

Impresión y envío
5. Printing and shipping

The printing process begins immediately after the corresponding payment and from that moment it is no possible to interrupt it, for this reason we highly recommend that you review the information entered in the tree and make sure everything is correct before confirming the order.

Your family tree will be printed on a high quality photographic paper and will be sent rolled up in a thick cardboard cylindrical tube.

Your order should arrive at your home by courier approximately in the indicated period, which also includes the printing time. Keep in mind that the delivery time refers to working days.

We will inform you by email of the shipping number so you can track it online.

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